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Are you frustrated with choosing the best printer for sublimation?
Want the option to decorate different substrates or just plain tired of high-priced inks?
We've got you covered.
Our systems offer you the ability to image polyester, hard substrates and cotton.
Get the printer every one else wishes they bought.
At half the cost.

Our Products

Epson SC P600 with Reveal Sublimation Ink

Stay ahead of your competition with the Epson P600 and Reveal Sublimation Inks. Decorate on anything from polyester, hard substrates AND cotton. A true photographic printer, image photographs to bold vector images. Choose your favorite transfer paper for your product and you are up and running.

Perfect for those that need up to 13"x19" printing capability, a broad color gamut and exceptional grayscales that only a 6-color system can provide.

Printer + Ink + Driver = $1294

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Epson EC-7750 with Sublisplash Sublimation Inks

Partial to an EcoTank?  Like the P600, decorate on anything from polyester, hard substrates and cotton.  This ecotank system offers a great value with exceptional ink density for dark, rich color.  Half the cost of other widely available systems.  

Prints up to 11"x17"

Printer + Ink + Driver = $999

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The Ultimate Control Over Color Gamut

Our high density sublimation inks are well balanced and maintain a color space unrivaled by other inks. They won't clog your printheads and your blacks are neutral throughout the grayscale. That means your blacks stay black and your grays stay gray, even after multiple washes AND your photo panels maintain a consistent black after light exposure.
Manufactured 100% in the USA.

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Reveal Light™ for Cotton

Never. Weed. Again.
Formerly known as Reveal-S™, this single-step, self-weeding sublimation onto cotton transfer is now on paper.

New features include improved wash fastness, abrasion resistance, color density and an easier peel. For light and white cotton rich fabric.

Pair it with our inks and it yields a color space you can't get with other transfers, laser or DTG.  How do we know this?  Well, we invented it and own the patent (US 9,399,362 B1).

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Made with Reveal - Phone Cases

Reveal Ink and Standard Sublimation Paper

Made with Reveal - Polyester

Reveal Ink and Standard Sublimation Paper

Made With Reveal - Canvas

Reveal Ink and Reveal Light Transfer Paper

Made with Reveal - Cotton

Reveal Ink and Reveal Light Transfer Paper

Made With Reveal - Mugs

Reveal Ink and Standard Sublimation Paper


This was the first sublimation system I have ever owned. I love that I can do all types of sublimation with one system, but the ability to print multi-colored designs on cotton shirts was a gamechanger for me. My customers love the shirts. I can do one-offs or bulk and stay very busy. Their technical support is always courteous and helpful too!
Lori W., Iuka MS
Sew Personal


I have a successful sublimation and printing business and wanted to add the ability to print on cotton shirts to my offerings. I looked at purchasing either a laser or DTG before learning about the P600 and Reveal Inks/Transfers. This system literally saved me thousands of dollars and countless headaches. I have been running it over a year now and its never let me down.
Natalie D.
Charlotte, NC


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