Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Reveal FAQ's page. Below is a list of our most common questions. We update this page regularly so be sure to check back!



Frequently Asked Questions

Remove White Background on an Image:

Creating an image with no background is important for t-shirt imaging. There are export functions in Corel and Photoshop for doing this. However, images that you don't create often have a white background. Download the "Remove Image Background" pdf below.

Step and Repeat Images:

How to step and repeat a graphic on one sheet of Reveal transfer film.

Heat Press Calibration:

How to quickly calibrate your heat press for use with Reveal transfer films.

Reveal-S Color Charts:

Helpful color charts for choosing the perfect color to use with Reveal-S. Download, Print & Press to a t-shirt. Use the RGB values of the colors you like in your artwork.