Setting-Up & Using Your PrintPerfect ET7750 Sublimation Printer

Installation & Configuration

  1. Ink Installation for a New Printer - Filling your printer with ink.
  2. Driver Installation - Installing the PrintPerfect driver on your pc.
  3. Connect Your Printer via USB - Connecting your pc and printer via a usb cable.
  4. Connect Your Printer via Wi-Fi - Connecting your pc and printer via a Wi-Fi network (advanced users only)


Getting Started with the PrintPerfect ET7750 Driver

  1. Introduction to the DriverIntroduction to the print driver with detailed instructions for loading images and printing.
  2. Graphic File CreationTips for creating successful images for the ET7750 Printer Driver.
  3. Software UpdatesIt is important to check for software updates periodically for enhanced features and stability.