Reveal Sublimation Ink

Reveal Sublimation Series™ Ink

Our patented Reveal Sublimation Ink™ is formulated to decorate both cotton and polyester fabrics as well as polyester coated hard substrates (mugs, metals, etc). 

No need for multiple printers and ink sets. The PrintPerfect 600S printer with Reveal Sublimation Series Ink is the only sublimation printer you will ever need.

Whether you are imaging white, light or dark tee-shirts, the PrintPerfect 600S is ready to go. No ink change-out is needed. Just insert the proper Reveal Transfer media into the paper tray and print.

For traditional sublimation, simply insert sublimation paper into the paper tray and print.

The easy-to-use Reveal PrintPerfect Driver does all of the hard work for you. 

Whether you have one-offs or thousands of tee-shirts to decorate, Reveal PrintPerfect 600S is the perfect solution for all of your cotton decoration needs.

Reveal PrintPerfect 600S™ Printer

Our robust Epson printer with innovative Reveal Sublimation Ink™ is capable of imaging both cotton and polyester substrates. The 13" media width makes this printer the perfect solution for all of your sublimation imaging needs. 

High Quality / Low Image Cost

Reveal delivers the highest quality digital images available on the market at the lowest cost. Yes, we can do photographic images too! Our color gamut is unreachable with laser or DTG printers.