Reveal-SR Film

Reveal-SR™ Transfer Film

Reveal-SR is a patented transfer film for decorating white and light cotton garments using Reveal Sublimation Ink.

The single-step, self-weeding Reveal process is very fast and yields a broad color gamut other cotton decoration processes cannot achieve.

Whether you have one-offs or thousands of tee-shirts to decorate, Reveal-SR is the perfect solution for all of your cotton decoration needs.

Reveal-SR™ - For Ricoh & SG 400 and SG 800 Printers

Reveal-SR is designed to be imaged on Ricoh and SG 400/800 printers. See our technical support page for easy printer setup instructions.

High Quality / Low Image Cost

Reveal delivers the highest quality digital images available on the market at the lowest cost. Yes, we can do photographic images too! Our color gamut is unreachable with laser or DTG printers.

Reveal-S Imaging Process

Reveal-SR cotton sublimation process for white and light tee-shirts.